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Our Livermore Dentists
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It’s time for you to have the dazzling smile you have always wanted.

Our Livermore dentists are highly skilled in fixing stained, cracked or chipped teeth with lovely new porcelain veneers. Our dentists can help you with teeth whitening and veneers to ensure you maximize on your dental insurance. Other services we provide include sedation dentistry and braces.

At Livermore Dental Clinic, we are committed to ensure you have a beautiful smile. We offer a wide range of dental makeover options, including tooth-colored composite fillings, tooth bonding and natural-looking porcelain crowns.

Call to book an appointment or schedule one on our online appointment form. If you have any questions, send us a message contact us here. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Advantages

Accepting Insurance

Our clinic can easily accept the customers with insurance cards and create the history of cases for each.

Using Innovative

All our surgeries are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards.

Guarantee Success
of Treatments

Most of our treatments are covered by a long term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment.

Certified Dentist

With over 30 years of dental experience and experience with implants, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

Success Stories

livermore teeth whitening
livermore teeth whitening
“Day By Day You Can See Your Teeth Becoming Whiter”-Mercy Rodriguez

“I have just finished my treatment and my teeth are whiter than they have been since I was a child, and I’m over 60 now.
It is simple to use and only takes around 12 days of treatment.

Once the dentist has made impressions of your teeth you simply put some whitening gel into the impressions and wear them overnight.

Day by day you can see your teeth becoming whiter and whiter. It is also affordable.”

“The Outcome Of The Whitening Was Wonderful” – Phanice Meagans

I had thought about having my teeth whitened for quite a while,but was a little concerned about having my crowns taken off and redone! Then my younger daughter was getting married,so I decided to go ahead and have the treatment.

It was wonderful!!The removal of the crowns were no problem at all and the outcome of the whitening was wonderful!!

I was able to smile and be happy with my teeth amongst all the young people at the wedding.

of experience

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